Profile: John Spiegel

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By Ray Glier In 1966, using the Emory business school library, John Spiegel (Emory, 1965) made an impressive debut as a banking craftsman. It was a weekend and Spiegel was in the reference section looking for dirt, but not the dirt that soils a reputation. He was looking for the dirt that is loamy, rich, dark and found just underneath … Read More

Georgia Law: Jury Consultant de La Rue Fighting for ‘Fair and Impartial’

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By Ray Glier – for GSU School of Law Magazine Winter 2017 Issue The reconnaissance that goes into picking a jury is a combination of art and science, and it takes time. It is studying demographics, but it is also studying body language and nonverbal hints from a prospective juror. It is turning over a rock to see what is … Read More

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Revamp of Atlanta’s first integrated hotel pays homage to its history

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By Ray Glier – for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution December 2, 2017 In 1963, Bill Bartholomay, head of a consortium that owned the Milwaukee Braves, began petitioning Major League Baseball to move the Braves to Atlanta. But MLB wondered how welcoming Atlanta would be to a team with black ballplayers. Bartholomay sat before a committee of owners and was confronted by … Read More