The Athletic: The little-known group of recruiting grunts who helped Alabama build a dynasty

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By Ray Glier – for The Athletic February 6, 2018 In​ early​ 2009, on the second floor of​ the Alabama football headquarters in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility,​ there was​ a windowless​​ room, approximately 12 feet by 12 feet. This room, which had one door, was down on the left in an interior hallway. The walls of this room … Read More

The New York Times: SEC Basketball, in Football’s Shadow, Seeks to Regain Its Old Luster

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By Ray Glier – for The New York Times March 18, 2017 GREENVILLE, S.C. — Once upon a time, Alex English said, the iron of the basketball rim had the same magnetism for boys in his neighborhood in Columbia, S.C., as the iron of the football goal posts. The phenomenon of modern Southeastern Conference football — with its 100,000-seat stadiums, lucrative … Read More