The New York Times: A Lineman Has a Personal Triumph in Clemson’s 13-0 Year

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By Ray Glier – for The New York Times CLEMSON, S.C. — Clemson center Jay Guillermo could disguise his unhappiness in front of his teammates, but the hoax had its limits. His face in the morning mirror, he said, made him shudder. Guillermo had tried to cushion his fall from star offensive lineman in high school to banged-up backup in college with nightly … Read More

The Athletic: The little-known group of recruiting grunts who helped Alabama build a dynasty

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By Ray Glier – for The Athletic February 6, 2018 In​ early​ 2009, on the second floor of​ the Alabama football headquarters in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility,​ there was​ a windowless​​ room, approximately 12 feet by 12 feet. This room, which had one door, was down on the left in an interior hallway. The walls of this room … Read More

Bleacher Report: Mississippi State’s Gang of Misfit Recruits on Revenge Tour of SEC

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By Ray Glier – for Bleacher Report October 7, 2014 STARKVILLE, Miss. — This is a Vengeance Tour, that’s what this is. It sounds a little sinister, but some Mississippi State players are looking for a little retribution around the SEC. Coach Dan Mullen talks in public about the cuddly emotions of chemistry and togetherness and other nice things, but his … Read More

The New York Times: ‘The Process’ Can’t Always Beat the Breaks

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By Ray Glier – for The New York Times December 2, 2013 Alabama has become the envy of college football because it has won three national championships in four seasons under, utilizing a heavy-on-fundamentals formula that Saban refers to as a process. The Crimson Tide has also produced 24 N.F.L. draft picks, including 11 first-rounders in the last four drafts with … Read More