A Different Kind of Game

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By Ray Glier I kept waiting for the obnoxious drunk (Clemson). I kept waiting for the f-bombs (Florida). I kept waiting for the racial slur (Georgia), or the comment about the football player’s lack of intellect (all of them). I stood there for 90 minutes and no one bitched, or yelled obscenities. I have been to college football games where … Read More

Fox News Said What?

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By Ray Glier Some derelicts and lawbreakers targeted the home of Fox TV host Tucker Carlson. They should have been thrown in jail. I get it, his views are mean, his politics are too far right, and he panders to ratings. But his driveway shouldn’t be spray-painted. At least the jackals didn’t shoot Carlson like a Trump supporter shot civilians. … Read More

NY Times story previewing 2013 Bama-LSU

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I thought I would dust this off because this week’s game might not go as expected with Bama rolling up points. LSU could turn this into an earth-bound game. By Ray Glier – for The New York Times November 8, 2013 In college football, the field has become the party deck for the quarterback. Many games are a loose, festive … Read More

Some things you can just take to the bank

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By Ray Glier Alabama plays a big game Saturday against LSU. It’s just too bad for the rest of college football that Alabama is impervious to looking in the mirror and admiring itself and not being ready for that big game. Bama is the Hare that crushed the Tortoise; there are no naps on the side of the road, no … Read More

The words that can kill

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You remember this old bromide: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” It’s not true. It’s never been true. Your mother told you that to try and teach you some poise. Words got a Saudi journalist killed. It has earned me sinister phone calls, some threats. I had to go over a back fence … Read More

No Quarterback U in the SEC

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I heard someone say the Southeastern Conference has the best collection of quarterbacks it has had in 10 years. Wait until the SEC defenses get hold of these QBs. The shine will come off pretty quickly. This crop might not look so special in three or four weeks. Sure enough, Auburn’s defense and LSU’s defense roughed up the two Tiger … Read More

Us On The Curb

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We accumulate a lot of stuff womb to tomb. We can’t take it with us, of course. So this is where it ends up: on the curb. And then people go through it….curious neighbors, bargain hunters, and then the trash pickup guys. Maybe they take measure of our lives by looking through our stuff. I hope not. We’re more than … Read More