Georgia Football: 34th NFL Franchise

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Before computers were personal and jeans were designer, offensive lines were catechism in football. The O-line was the marrow of an offense because the game was run-oriented. Now it is quarterback-centric and the jersey numbers 50 through 79 don’t mean as much to us. Before we go any further…timeout. Look at me, a guy who thinks a football team’s toughness … Read More

Braves Fans Need To Be As Selfless As Their Team

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By Ray Glier It is the kind of team fans would marvel over and pay to see. In person. If they could. The Braves can count on just one of their projected starting pitchers, yet they lead the National League East. They took two of three from division rival Philadelphia over the weekend without injured young stars Ronald Acuna, Jr. … Read More

College Football Could Use Some Of That $3.7 Billion Now

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The decision whether to play college football should be about whether it is safe medically. It should not be about money and cutting sports because schools, at least schools in the Power 5 conferences, should have enough money. The first six years of the College Football Playoff provided a $3.7 billion bonanza, but now part of the argument for playing … Read More

The Braves Still Have Enough To Win NL East

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The 2020 Major League Baseball season is fast losing its legitimacy. Games are being postponed. Key players are opting out. Players are mixing in public, being careless, and testing positive for the coronavirus. There are debilitating injuries. Sluggers are trying to catch up to pitchers, which is usually the case the first two weeks of a season, but in a … Read More

The Brand Is In Their Hands; Ethics Matters

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University athletic administrators charged with keeping the wheels on their multi-million dollar athletic enterprises could be excused for all their agonizing because, after all, it is their first pandemic. Their Plan B was tossed in the dustbin weeks ago. Strategies are coated in uncertainty. A mashup of policies to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, state to state, makes their jobs even … Read More

Las Vegas Not Ready To Discount Braves. Yet

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(This blog post originally appeared in Forbes) Evangelist Billy Graham said it. Athletes say it. Coaches say it. You can bet the bookies say it. “The best ability is availability.” And, day-to-day this baseball season, we just don’t know who will be available. Welcome to the MLB Black Box season, where the Covid-19 pandemic is writing lineups and the face … Read More

The Braves Spent Money, But Not Stupid Money

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The night his business collapsed, Dansby Swanson said, he went home and cried. It happened so fast—a lightning strike burned it all to the ground—there was nothing anyone could do. It was gone, just like that, eight months of sweat, in ashes. Swanson said he wasn’t afraid to admit how much it hurt. He really did cry, he said, after … Read More

My Dad, My Days At The Little League World Series

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My father’s birthday is today. Cliff Glier would be 95. For 25 years he celebrated his birthday in Williamsport, Pa. The “uncles”, the personal aides assigned to each team at the Little League World Series, would present him a cake.They all sang Happy Birthday and then the next we heard was “Play ball.” My dad was the Voice of Little … Read More

What They Wear Not Who They Are

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I saw a Twitter comment about the Braves Adam Duvall and how he doesn’t wear chains around his neck. I think the comment meant to scold the Latin players who wear chains. It reminded me of the story of the NBA players who whipped out their phones after getting back to the locker room at halftime of a game. Most … Read More

The Egos Clash and the Loss Follows

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By Ray Glier You won’t find this surprising. Karl Anthony Towns went for 37 points for the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night against the Hawks in State Farm Arena. He had it going on. Threes. Runners. Drives. Putbacks. But Derrick Rose decided he wanted to star. He missed a chancy floater shot at the buzzer that missed at 0:00 of … Read More