Writer with decades of professional experience — freelance writing and content creation services that make the difference in your life and work.

Content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.

It’s all in the storytelling, and I write compelling stories. I write about industry, law, sports, real estate — anything that involves ‘commitment, attitude and effort’ — and I can write your story.

I’ll explain to your readers why you and your company are exceptional at what you do.

  • Profiles will show the personality and knowledge of your company’s key people.
  • Case Studies will highlight your best work.
  • Articles will talk about your company at it’s best in specific areas and on newsworthy topics.
  • Newsletters will give you a chance to pass on your expertise and build a following.
  • White Papers/Enterprise will go in-depth on your best practices.
  • Ghostwriting will help your C-Level execs put their thoughts down on paper in an efficient use of time.
samples of my work

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Effective and compelling portraits that tell your success story.

In-depth focus on a single person, group, event, or community.

From an expert in telling sports stories for those who work in and around the field.

Rich content that compels a call to action.

Persuasive, in-depth work on a specific topic to create problem-solving guides.

Published author who can help you write (or ghostwrite) your bestseller.